Breeding happy and healthy cats



The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is the main governing body responsible for the registration of pedigree cats in the UK.  It also oversees the many societies dedicated to particular breeds, such as the Tonkinese Cat Club and the Tonkinese Breed Club.

As well as on the dedicated page on the GCCF site, there is a lot of information about Tonkinese cats at the respected breeder Linda Vousden’s site.

The Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) gives useful advice on cat health and other issues.


I have connections with the following breeders:

Amorcatz Tonkinese

Summerspride Bengals

Tallica Tonkinese

Tamtonks Tonkinese and Burmese

Cat Products

I have always found Zooplus to be a good supplier of a variety of cat products.

My cats are walked in the garden and neighbouring fields, weather and health permitting, using harnesses made by Happy House Cats.  I also recommend their cat toys, which are made to order and are good quality.  I have always found their customer service to be excellent.