Breeding happy and healthy cats

Breeding Queens


Candy is Pippa’s daughter from her second litter. She was born on 26th May 2014 so will not be old enough to have her own kittens until at least Summer 2015. She has a lilac tortie Colourpoint Pattern (“pointed”) coat which has only recently been allowed to be shown in assessment classes under GCCF rules. We hope that they will soon be eligible for champion status.



We imported Anna from Germany in order to broaden the British gene pool. She was born on 7th June 2014. As she is a similar age to Candy, she will also be old enough to have her first litter in Summer 2015. Anna is a blue Tabby with Tonkinese Coat Restriction. We’re looking forward to our first tabby kittens!


Pippa (retired)

Pippa’s pedigree name is Lilyput Duchess Kate. She is our first home bred girl as she is from Lily’s 2012 litter. She has a lilac Tonkinese Colour Restriction coat pattern. Pippa was shown in GCCF shows as a kitten and achieved Best in Show kitten at the Tonkinese Breed Club show in 2012. She was also awarded Best in Show Tonkinese Kitten at the Supreme Cat Show 2012. We managed to show Pippa as an adult prior to her getting pregnant with her first litter and she was awarded the title of Champion after her 4th adult show.


Lily (retired)

Lily was our first breeding queen and is the sister of our pet Toby as well as the mother of our second former breeding queen, Pippa. She was born on 16th March 2010 and her pedigree name is Tallica Sweet Amber. She has a blue Burmese Colour Restriction (“solid”) coat. She is now retired and is living happily with my dad in the West Midlands.