Breeding happy and healthy cats

My Pets


Although I have always had pet cats, Evie is my first Tonkinese, and she introduced me to this wonderful breed. She was born on 31st March 2005. Her pedigree name is Amorcatz Onlyfoolzand (after the TV sitcom “Only Fools and Horses” as she was expected to be born on April Fools’ Day). Evie has a caramel tabby Tonkinese Colour Restriction coat (also known as “tonkinese pattern” or “mink”).

She’s very intelligent and loves to be around people. She will do anything for a plate of prawns and has worked out what size and shape that packets are, and that they come from the fridge! She hates the cold and is always looking to snuggle up with the other cats, or any humans she can find!


Max is our second oldest cat, born on 22nd November 2007, and is our only non-Tonkinese. He’s a snow marbled Bengal and his pedigree name is Timbarra Winter Eclipse.

He loves water, especially flowing from taps. He’s more timid than the Tonks, but still loves a good cuddle.


Toby was born on 16th March 2010 and is the brother of Lily, my first breeding queen. His pedigree name is Tallica Prince Charming. Toby has a brown Tonkinese Colour Restriction coat.

Despite the fact that they grew up together and have never been apart, Toby and Lily have completely different personalities. Toby is like my shadow, follows me everywhere and likes to play fetch like a dog. Lily prefers the company of the other cats, but is always pleased to see me when I get home.