Breeding happy and healthy cats

Lily’s Second Litter

Lily’s second litter was born on the morning of 31st May 2012. She had 8 kittens in just under an hour. The father was Darcy (Amorcatz Pharoahs Kiss) who has a blue Colourpointed Pattern (or “pointed”) coat. As Lily has a Burmese Colour Restriction (or “solid”) coat all of the kittens had Tonkinese Colour Restriction (or “tonkinese pattern” or “mink” coats).

All the kittens are now living with their new families, except Pippa who stayed with us at Lilyput.

There were 7 blue kittens and 1 lilac, including 6 girls and 2 boys. As in Lily’s previous litter, we colour-coded the kittens for identification until they received their names. You can click on the links below to see photos of each kitten, and follow their development in the kitten diary.

  1. Orange, lilac coat, female
  2. Green, blue coat, female
  3. Yellow, blue coat, male
  4. Blue, blue coat, female
  5. Pink, blue coat, male
  6. Red, blue coat, female
  7. Purple, blue coat, female
  8. White, blue coat, male