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Pippa’s First Litter – Kitten Diary

Birth – 31st August 2013

Pippa was due this weekend but had showed no signs of imminent labour. I popped upstairs to check on them before going out to do some shopping and Pippa was having contractions. Mommy Lily was assisting! After calling to Andy the first kitten was born within seconds but was breach. Pippa was obviously quite uncomfortable and crying lots as the first baby was a bit of a shock. It was fairly easy going after the first one and it took roughly 75 minutes for all 7 to be born. We were very surprised she carried 7 as she didn’t look that big.

They are all around 80 grams so not too bad at all. They are very, very wriggly and loving having two milk bars to choose from! Pippa seems quite content to finally have her own kittens though she does get upset if they squawk too much.

Week 1 – 7th September 2013

They look so tiny next to Lily’s babies! They are doing very well and Pippa is being an excellent mom. She still sits on them at times but they are so loud she knows to get up!
I am pretty sure that there are 5 girls and 2 boys but not very sure on colours at the moment. There are two that will have colourpointed coat pattern, Lilac and White, so it will be very interesting to see them develop.

Their eyes are starting to open now, which makes fighting for nipples easier especially against those big kittens! Pink, Blue and Green seem the more laid back of the litter whilst White and Lilac are louder! They are little wrigglers, all of them, making their way around the pen with ease. I don’t remember kittens in previous years being this active at this age.

Week 2 – 16th September 2013

I am a bit late writing this as we were away for a wedding. My dad kindly stayed to look after the kittens for me, who were all very well behaved!

All eyes are open and little teeth are beginning to grow. They are still quite active and love nothing more than hiding under the sheets so I have to search for them all the time! The boys remain fairly laid back as well as Green girl. They are the smallest of the litter probably because the others are milk bar bullies! I make sure they all get a fair look in when I’m around though.

Their colours are developing every day. I think there is are brown and blue boys now but still unsure if the girls are brown or blue torties. Can’t wait to see how their patterns develop.

Both litters were extremely difficult to photograph this week as they won’t keep still! I apologise in advance for the disappointment.

Week 3 – 23rd September 2013

Wow they have changed so much. They are busy running around and investigating the room. Gold, Green and Pink like to climb on my lap. Pink especially loves nothing more than being held and talked to, he watches me intently as if he is listening to my every word. White is the biggest and loudest. She likes to protest at weigh times! Lilac is getting very inquisitive along with Blue and Silver. They are busy exploring and like to linger around the food bowls. I suspect it won’t be long before they get interested in food.

The girls’ patterns are developing nicely. There is a definite mix of blue and brown torties now. It is going to be fun watching them develop.

Week 5 – 5th October 2013

I never got around to the diary last week for some reason so I apologise.

The kittens have changed so much now. We have had some visitors which all the kittens loved. Some have been chosen and some tried very hard to persuade people how cute they were! Gold is a sweetheart but might be living up to being a naughty tortie! She loves everyone so I’m sure she will find a home soon. Green and Silver have both found a new love for food! They are often first for the bowl! Although they are both the same colour, their patterns are different so I’m starting to tell them apart. White made a little girl change her mind and pick her! She was a lovely friendly little thing who made it so difficult to resist her big blue eyes. She is going to be called Luna. Lilac was a little jealous and spent this afternoon chasing Luna around the room! Both the boys are now reserved as well. Blue, my mini Toby, nearly had two homes! He made everyone love him, whilst Pink managed to melt the heart of a nice lady today. They have certainly grown up very quickly and all using the litter tray nicely.

It’s certainly going to be interesting here for a few weeks!

Week 6 – 12th October 2013

We had a lovely couple visit this weekend. They were interested in a pair of kittens and found the decision quite hard. Gold tried to charm her way into their hearts but they were very taken with Lilac’s big blue eyes and Red’s bouncy nature. A decision made, they left only to return 20 minutes later because they couldn’t help but think that Gold is maybe a better choice to pair up with Lilac. No problem because Red found a new home this week anyhow. Lilac will be known as Pearl but Gold has yet to get a pet name. I think Ruby suits her and goes well with Pearl but the decision is not mine…

The two boys are getting big now. They are quite typical boys and quite boisterous! In quite a contrast to my delicate girls! Green and Silver are so feminine and delicate. Their patterns are developing nicely. I think Green will be darker than Silver and it is now quite easy to tell them apart.

Luna is a funny girl. She is still quite vocal and loves nothing more than complaining if her brothers are too rough or because she is hungry! She is so like her mom at this age!

Week 8 – 26th October 2013

We have had a difficult couple of weeks. I have been poorly and ended up needing surgery. Andy and my dad helped look after the cats and kittens. Unfortunately, in the middle of all the chaos about me, Little Green became unwell. She stopped eating and despite all our efforts she passed away peacefully last weekend. We believe she had a tummy problem. It was very sad and worrying at the time but we know that she is no longer suffering. All the others are fit and well and, thankfully, do not seem to have noticed there sister is no longer with them.

I had a lady waiting to view Silver and Little Green so I had to let her know the sad news. She was obviously upset and is deciding whether she would still like to come and view Silver. I think she will when she has time to process the information but there is no pressure. I completely understand if she changes her mind.

All the others have been too busy playing to notice there is one missing. They are so funny to watch, a great tonic! I often find Pearl, Gold and Silver together. I think they are quite bonded as sisters. It is so nice as two of them are going together. Blue is either going to be Gilbert or Sullivan. He is getting quite big and is nearly the same size as Purple at this age! Leo is also growing nicely – mostly because he loves food! He also loves to play chase with his uncles!

Luna remains quite vocal. She is so full of character! We can always tell it’s her talking to us as she likes to tell us everything! She does love to suckle from the two moms so I have to encourage her to eat proper food as I think she prefers to suckle if she can!

It is so funny to see all their individual characters develop. They are all so different! There is something about each of them that I love! I am sure they will make their new owners very happy.

Week 9 – 2nd November 2013

We have been away at the weekend to a wedding in Devon so my dad has been looking after the kittens for us. I believe they, mostly, behaved themselves!

Luna is a little adventurer following the older kittens into trouble. She can often be found on top of the kitchen cupboards but cries to be helped down… only to clamber right back up there!

The other three girls are turning into real naughty torties! Pearl and Rosie love to nibble toes, especially Andy’s! Silver, however, likes to sit on my shoulder chewing at my hair. A pastime also enjoyed by Leo! Not sure why they do it but it may be because they get a reaction from me when they do!

Sullivan is the biggest of the litter, he is as big as uncle Purple from Lily’s litter at the same age. He is often playing with the older kittens a bit more than his siblings. He is going to his new home with his Uncle Gilbert so it’s nice that they play together now.

Injections are all due on Monday. First vet check and vaccinations is always interesting. Mommy Pippa is going as well for her booster so I’m sure she will look after them.

Growing up so fast!

Week 10 – 9th November 2013

Well they all had their vaccinations this week and had no problems at all. Need to fatten up a couple of them as they are a little smaller than the others but the vet was happy with them. Leo is probably the smallest now. He does play hard and forgets to eat, a bit like Twinkle from last year! I think the wormer a few weeks ago gave him tummy ache as he went off his food then. He does love chicken and prawns though!

Mind you, they all love chicken and prawns!

We had a visitor for Silver today. A lovely man bought his wife to see her as a big surprise! She fell in love with them all and is thrilled to be able to have a Tonkinese at last. So Mimi, her new name, will be going to live with two house rabbits. How exciting for her!

Rosie, Pearl and Luna are the cheekiest kittens. I think they are trying to be naughty torties! Luna finds it easy to get on top of the kitchen cupboards but not so easy to get down… she cries until you rescue her!

Sullivan is the biggest of the litter and gets bigger every day. He found a new love for chicken wings this week, growling when anyone else tried to see what he was eating!

Another week has gone by so quickly!

Week 13 – 30th November 2013

I have had a few busy weeks so haven’t had time to update the diary. Sorry.

Firstly the other litter were all neutered. Stressful for me but no problem for the babies! I just had to make sure Pippa’s lot didn’t play too rough with them!

We had some visitors for the babies. Gilbert and Sullivan’s new mommy and daddy came to see them. Sullivan was a great brave boy and was not remotely phased by their daughter. Gilbert was a bit weary of the noise though! A friend brought her grandkids to see them which Luna especially loved! Mimi’s new mommy and daddy came back as well. They are so excited and cannot wait to get her home.

Then 5 of Lily’s kittens left us so we were down to Gilbert who will be going off with Sullivan and the rest of Pippa’s kittens. They all recovered from their vaccination OK with no issues. They all seemed a bit quiet after the big ones left so extra cuddles were had!

Then the stressful second neutering day arrived. Stressful, again, only for me and not them! They were so lively when they got home… again I was supposed to keep them quiet. Pretty sure the vet has never owned a Tonkinese kitten!

They have all gained weight nicely, still a little smaller than the other litters have been but they are all a bit smaller so it is probably from Pippa. Will be interesting to see what her next litter will be like!

So, vets again Monday for last vaccinations and then a few more days to spoil them before they are let loose on their new owners. They will all have a furry friend in their new home. Mimi is special because hers will be bunny rabbits! Luna will have an Abyssinian kitten as well as Burmese to play with. Hope they can keep up with mischievous Luna! Leo is going to a Siamese and a Birman kitten. The Birman is a little frustrated as his Siamese friend doesn’t want to play so Leo is in for some fun! Pearl and Rosie are going home together. They will be very spoilt girlies in their new homes. I keep threatening to keep Pearl but I know I can’t really as they would be very disappointed. That just leaves Sullivan who will go off with his Uncle Gilbert. They often play together now so it will be lovely for them to go together.

I will cherish these last few days. It will certainly be very quiet here in 8 days’ time. I will miss them loads but I am also looking forward to a rest as they have been very hard work!