Breeding happy and healthy cats

Pippa’s Second Litter

Pippa’s second litter was born on the morning of 26th May 2014, so these kittens are the second litter in the second generation with the Lilyput prefix in their names. She had 7 kittens in just over an hour. The father is Tallica Mickey Blue Eyes who has an apricot Tonkinese Colour Restriction coat (also known as “tonkinese pattern” or “mink”).  He is shown below.

As Pippa has a lilac Tonkinese Colour Restriction coat a number of different colour and coat pattern combinations were possible. The kittens could have been blue, blue tortie, lilac or lilac tortie, in any of the three patterns: Tonkinese Colour Restriction, Colourpointed Pattern (also known as “point”) or Burmese Colour Restriction (as known as “solid”).

Mickey Blue Eyes Pippa's Second Litter

As in the previous Lilyput litters, we colour-coded the kittens for identification until their genders and coat colours are confirmed and they receive their names. You can click on the links below to see photos of each kitten, and follow their development in the kitten diary.

  1. Green
  2. Orange
  3. Pink
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Purple
  7. White