Breeding happy and healthy cats

Lily’s First Litter – Kitten Diary

Birth – 7th June 2011

Lily’s labour happened quite quickly. Within 2 hours all 5 babies had been born. I found it fairly stressful and was grateful for my husband Andy and his laidback attitude. That first night I got very little sleep, I was just so worried about everything especially little Pink. I weighed them all at 11am, checking them over and putting on their coloured collar for identification. All of them were such good weights except for Pink, who was scarily low. They were so cute, I could not stop watching them. They are great time wasters!

Week 1 – 14th June 2011

This week has gone by so quickly. All but Pink have their eyes open. They are all gaining weight, some days are better than others. I try to top them up with formula but they are not so keen on it and Lily really doesn’t like me doing it she prefers to drink the milk herself. Lily likes to bring me Lilac for a cuddle in the mornings. Not sure why it’s always the same one. I’m still sleeping in their room.

Week 2 – 21st June 2011

Pink’s eyes are now open and their ears are starting to look more like cats’ ears. They are more alert and aware of me. I have even noticed purring. Sometimes hard to tell who is doing it though. I moved their bed back onto the floor today into the kitten pen as Lilac was investigating the bed a bit more. I thought it was safer this way. Lily doesn’t seem to mind as she hasn’t tried to move them back onto the bed yet. I moved into my own room the end of week two as well, Lily has been okay about it but I still worry about them.

Week 3 – 28th June 2011

What a difference a week makes. They are all starting to get their own characters now. Lilac is the most adventurous one, leaving the nest first to investigate. They are all walking around the pen. I took out the big bed as Lily seemed distressed by the heat at the weekend. I think they were all too hot as it has been so warm. They now have a fleece on the floor and are much happier. They have all had additional formula over the hot weekend as well. Lilac really loves it and will have the whole syringe if I let her! She always comes out of the nest to see me when I go in the room. She is a real minx though!

Week 4 – 5th July 2011

They are all getting so big. They look like proper kittens now. They are just so funny to watch when they are playing. Lilac and Yellow were trying to climb out of the pen so I decided to open up the hatch and let them loose in the room. Oh my, how they all loved that. Pink was very wary at first but the others were out of it so quick! After a while they returned to their bed and so I decided to zip the hatch back up. That resulted in some unhappy babies when they woke up. I made the decision to remove the pen. Andy and I spent a few hours making sure the room was clean and ready for free roaming kittens and then put them back in…. they loved it. They are now climbing up onto the bed, running round chasing balls and crab hopping sideways. I fed Lily on a big plate so they could all see and have a taste. Everyone tried but Turquoise and Purple were not as interested as the other three. The litter trays have been investigated but no action yet, hopefully soon though. I have had a few sad moments this week when I realise that, in 9 weeks time, they will be leaving her for new homes. I just have to remember how much joy they will bring to their new owners.

Week 5 – 12th July 2011

Everyone is now eating proper food and using the litter tray. I was very excited to find some little poos on the tray a few days ago! I now find lots of little wees and poos in their trays so they are doing very well. They now have a scratching tower in the room and they have all been climbing up it and going down head first. Purple and Turquoise love to sleep huddled together at the top. They are all bouncing around with loo brush tails doing the sideways crab hops, such a delight to watch. We have advertised them and had some interest which is very good, but it also saddens me a little. I am sure every litter will be special but, seeing as it’s my first, I have a very special bond with them all and will be sad to see them go. I will cherish the next 7 weeks! We have finally decided on their pedigree names. Because of our prefix being Lilyput, we decided to name the first litter after characters/places in “Gulliver’s Travels”. You can find these names on their kitten pages.

Week 6 – 19th July 2011

Lily was bringing Pink downstairs a lot the beginning of the week so we decided to put their old pen in the living room so they can all join us for the evening and get used to some other noises and smells. Oh what fun they had! Lily seemed so much happier as well. After about an hour we shut the door and opened up the pen to give them a little bit more freedom. There was no stopping them now! The next night we did the same but this time they were climbing up the pen to get out. After 2 more evenings of this we decided to remove the pen. We have a barrier at the door to prevent escapes. The living room now looks like a kitten crèche! They now spend most of the day downstairs and go back to their room at bedtime. We had a couple of visitors at the weekend to view the kittens. They loved them and so I sadly have taken deposits on two of my babies. One will be going to live with a Bengal boy and the other is to be a special, long awaited pampered puss! What more could I want? We have had several enquiries for the others as well so I guess it won’t be long before they are all spoken for.

Week 7 – 26th July 2011

They all had their claws clipped at the beginning of the week. That was fun! I need to do it often so they get used to it before they go to their new homes. I want them to get used to things like this so that they are easy to handle in their new homes. I made appointments for their first vaccinations and health check in a couple of weeks. Can’t believe time has moved on so quickly, only feels like yesterday they were opening their eyes. Soon they will be leaving for new homes. They are growing up so quickly. Yellow is living up to his name of Gulliver, always the first to explore or do something. He found out how to climb over the boards at their bedroom door! We made it taller by another 4 inches and it took him 24 hours to find a way over it. So that’s it, kittens loose in the house! Poor Max will have a heart attack if he finds one…

Week 8 – 2nd August 2011

Well, poor old Max, his peace has been shattered. First Gulliver and quickly followed by Purple, made it over the board and into the kitchen area. That was just about manageable as they only did it when I was in the kitchen. Only 24 hours later I was disturbed by a crying Pinky. She seemed quite upset so I followed the cries to find her standing on this side of the kitchen board, all the others had now managed to find their way over and into the conservatory. There is a lovely big cat tree in there and a box full of toys. Max’s nice little retreat was now a massive kitten playroom. So, the board is now gone and the only peace Max gets is when it’s bedtime and he gets shut in there. I think we will look at getting a stable door for the kitchen before the next litter! The kittens have all gained weight this week despite the heat. I was worried they were getting too hot as they did a lot of sleeping, or should I say basking in the conservatory. Worming did not go down well this week… getting harder the bigger they get! Next week it is injection time, not looking forward to that!

Week 9 – 9th August 2011

We have had a pretty noisy week. Lily has decided that one litter isn’t quite enough and has been shouting the house down for a boyfriend. Max had just about got used to little cats exploring his house and now this. Lily loves Max and the feeling isn’t quite reciprocated! Hopefully it won’t last long and the kittens don’t seem to be bothered by the noise. It was a big week for the kittens. They have had their first outing outside the house. Yesterday it was vaccination time so off to the vets they went with Lily to have a health check and first lot of vaccinations. They all behaved impeccably even Lily behaved herself! I was expecting them all to be a little under the weather for a few days but they all seem fine. Possibly a little sleepier today and a couple are a little more bothered when disturbed but otherwise fine. We had some very good weight gains again this week, only little Pink is yet to break 1kg, I’m sure she will by next week though. Only one month left now so I need to start sorting out their kitten packs and paperwork. I’m going to be very sad in September!

Week 10 – 16th August 2011

We had a wedding to go to at the weekend so had to leave the kittens. Andy’s Mom came to stay and look after all 9 cats/kittens. I had left 5 pages of instructions, I mean, information for her. I was worried they would be running rings round her and that Lily would be screaming. They were all absolutely fine though so I needn’t have worried. They are all getting such individual characters and it’s so lovely watching them all develop. I wish I could keep them all but I think Andy would have something to say about that!

Week 11 – 23rd August 2011

Great weight gains this week. All the boys are bigger at 11 weeks than Toby and Lily were at 13 weeks. The girls are not far off Lily’s weight. Not surprised seeing the amount they all eat! However we had a few issues this week. Gulliver was poorly last Wednesday, he was quiet and hot. After a vet trip, injection and antibiotics he was fine in 24 hours. The others developed 24 hour tummy trouble, a few vomits and runny poo. They were treated with boiled chicken for 2 days and antibiotics for 5. Everyone was back to normal after 24 hours though and thoroughly bored of boiled chicken! I was surprised the weight gains were so good. They have developed a love of cream cheese now though. I mixed the antibiotic in some lactose free soft cheese and the loved it… may have developed a few addicts now! Might make medicine giving easier in the future for their new families. Can’t believe we are up to 11 weeks now, it’s gone so quick.

Week 12 – 30th August 2011

12 weeks already. I can’t quite believe that they have been here for 3 months. It is going to be so quiet when they go. At least they are all going at different times so I can wean myself off them! They went to the vet this week for their final vaccinations and check-up. The vet couldn’t believe how much they have grown since she saw them last. They have all gained weight nicely this week again so I am not surprised! I have been sorting out their bags for next week and making sure they will leave with some goodies. Scamp is the first to go, he will have left by the time I update this next week. Gulliver will be next and I have the other 3 for another week. So 2 more updates left.

Week 13 – 6th September 2011

And then there were 4. Scamp left us yesterday which was very sad but I managed to get extra special cuddles with him beforehand. Gulliver leaves us tomorrow so I am going to spoil him rotten today and tomorrow! He has been very naughty this week though by climbing onto stuff, like cupboards and the kitchen worktops! He is so good at climbing and jumping. The trouble is that all the others watch him do it so it won’t be long before they all follow! I can’t believe they have been here for 3 months, it’s gone so quick. The house will be so quiet when they have gone. Well, as quiet as it can be when Lily is screaming for a boyfriend. I guess this way she doesn’t miss the babies so much when they do leave.

Week 15 – 21st September 2011

I was lucky enough to get to spoil the other 3 kittens for a bit longer. The remaining 3 seemed a little quiet initially as if they missed their brothers. This only lasted a day or so before they seemed to forget, going back to tearing around the house at full speed! I often wondered if the two boys who had left were missing me or their siblings. I had some lovely updates from Scamp’s new owners where he was gradually making friends with the other Tonks. Gulliver was trying to make friends with a big Bengal kitty that kept running away from him! It seems they were settling into their new homes nicely which made me happy even if I was still a little sad at losing them. I knew that the time for the rest of them to leave was getting closer and closer. Sunday was especially hard. I had been keeping little Pinky right up until about 4 weeks ago. Her new owners were so pleased to see her. I knew she was going to be spoilt rotten and was also going to live with another Tonk so she would be happy. I was just worried about me! It was Monday that hit me hardest, I’m not really sure why. I had to do it all myself as Andy was at work. I helped Kate out to the car with Jupiter and just felt so sad. I had lots of cuddles with Cara after but I only had 2 days before it was her turn to leave. Well, those 2 days went so quick. Nick collected Cara this afternoon. Cara showed off her newly acquired skills. She purred lots, climbed some legs, attacked some feet and played fetch. Andy arrived home just in time to say goodbye. So that’s it, the end of my first litter. I feel very sad right now and have shed a fair few tears. I am also very happy that my kittens grew up to be such delightful characters that were healthy and full of mischief. I miss them so much but I wish them long and happy lives in their new homes. I hope I continue to hear from their families (HINT) and I look forward to seeing lots of pictures as they grow up (another hint).