Breeding happy and healthy cats

Lily’s First Litter – Turquoise

Sex: Male
Colour: Chocolate
Date of birth: 7th June 2011
Time of birth: 12:22 am
Birth weight: 119 grams
Pedigree name: Lilyput Jonnie Swift
Status: Living with new owner


Turquoise was the first kitten born. He was breach, born tail and back feet first. Healthy birth weight.


Week 1

He was the joint biggest born but quickly became the milk bar bully! We call him the fat one as he has a more pronounced belly than the others. I have to be careful as he tends to knock Pink off a nipple to get more! He is by far the loudest of them when he cries. Eyes were open on day 6.

Week 2

He ia still a milk bar bully and getting bigger each day. He is very gorgeous though and was the first I heard purring.

Week 3

Remains the biggest and the difference is more noticeable each day. He loves formula though so I let him have more than he needs so as to give the others more chance at the milk bar. He is quite funny to watch walking around the pen as he seems so uneasy on his legs for such a big boy. Still has the loudest cry of them all. His canine teeth are coming through and getting longer every day.

Week 4

What a difference a week makes. He is bigger and bolder each day. He prances round the room doing sideways crab hopping. He is the only one that does the loo brush tail so far. He has such a gorgeous face. He tried some actual food today but wasn’t too interested really. He would rather pounce on uncle Toby’s tail.

Week 5

He remains the most animated at play with his loo brush tail. He has become more interested in food, becoming quite fond of chicken. His face is so gorgeous, he looks so innocent but don’t be fooled!

Week 6

I think he has stolen my heart this week. He seeks me out in the evening and lies next to me grooming me. He purrs so loud when I stroke him and cries at me when I stop. He also stalks me and attacks my feet. He loves his food and is often the last one left at the plate.

Week 7

He remains my best friend, he is so lovely. His colour is really nice, I’ve never seen a chocolate Tonkinese so love watching his colour develop. His eyes are changing to aqua as well. He’s growing up too fast. He loves to play but also loves his cuddles as well… perfect combination.

Week 8

What a cheeky boy he has become… he runs up to me to bite my foot and then skips off with his bushy tail. I have also found him climbing the chairs in the conservatory to get on the dresser. He then cries to be helped down. He proved what a little love bug he is when some people came to view him. He is going to live with a few other crazy Tonks so he will feel right at home!

Week 9

Awww… he is such a cutie. He loves to be cuddled and is turning into a very cuddly boy. He also loves to play and can find the toy in anything. He was helping uncle Toby destroy a cardboard box that they found. Apparently it’s a very important job that requires lots of frantic bouncing and bushy tails!

Week 10

He is best friends with Uncle Toby, they are very often together. Not sure he will be a good influence though as Toby can be very naughty! He will be going to live with a number of other cats though so he should be able to fit in nicely. His new family are struggling to think of a name though so he remains nameless.

Week 11

Clive and Carol really struggled to think of a name to fit in with their family, after last weeks naughtiness it was decided that he was a little scamp, so Scamp it is! Uncle Toby has carried on training Scamp in the art of box shredding! After inspecting the weigh-in box thoroughly, Scamp went about taking little pieces out! All is forgiven when he snuggles into you, it’s hard to feel annoyed at him!

Week 12

Scamp has continued to be a little scamp, living up to his name nicely! He is very vocal when he wants to tell me something, especially if he needs the toilet! He is very photogenic, when I’m taking pictures he will always pose for me. I try to sort out weekly pictures and I always have far more of Scamp (and Button) than the others!

Week 13

This week’s entry comes the day after Scamp left us to live with his new family. It was quite an emotional day yesterday. Scamp has spent the last week living up to his name and being extra specially mischievous. As if he was trying to make sure I was not going to be too upset to see him leave. I think he sensed my sadness as he was so cuddly the last couple of days. He spent our last night snuggled next to me and barely left my side yesterday. Today I got an email from Clive and Carol with photos attached detailing his first night. He seems to be fine, appropriately cross at the other kitten and happily tried to destroy some plants he didn’t like. I think he will be fine. Bye, bye Scamp. I will miss you xxx

Week 15

Scamp has been having a very exciting couple of weeks exploring his new home. He caused a few sleepless nights I believe but is now firm friends with Spyro, the lilac Tonk kitten a few weeks older than him. He has been meeting the other cat family which includes uncle Toby and aunty Evie look-a-likes. I am told that he loves to play but also loves his cuddles as well still. He seems very happy from the stories and pictures Clive and Carol send me.

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