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Lily’s First Litter – Lilac

Sex: Female
Colour: Brown
Date of birth: 7th June 2011
Time of birth: 12:36 am
Birth weight: 94 grams
Pedigree name: Lilyput Balnibarbi
Status: Living with new owner


Lilac was the second kiten to be born, and was delivered head first. Lily was still unsure of what was happening and jumped out of the nest. Poor thing! Lilac was the second from smallest kitten at birth.


Week 1

Gaining weight nicely and both eyes open. Lilac is the one that Lily likes to bring me for morning cuddles. Eyes were open on day 6.

Week 2

She is certainly getting her own little character. She is the first one to explore the nest, prompting the placing of it back on the floor. Lily still brings her to me so she is very used to my smell and me handling her.

Week 3

She was the first to leave the nest and the first to climb up the sides. She recognises my voice and runs (in a fashion) to the edge of the pen crying. She loves to be held but also loves to be out to explore more. She is the first to purr when stroked. She is quite happy to be spending time with me instead of her litter mates. Like turquoise, she also likes the formula. She is also taking an interest in mum’s food. Canine teeth are out and need sharpening on everything!!

Week 4

Lilac remains the boldest one always wanting to investigate new things first. She is very fond of me and cries for my attention when she sees me. She seemed a little unwell on Sunday so I brought her downstairs in the morning for a few hours. She was nestled into a blanket for cuddles and seemed a lot brighter after. By Monday she was back to her usual self. She is so loving and likes to groom me.

Week 5

She is so gorgeous and loving. She is the first to greet me and loves her tummy rubbed. She purrs instantly and then bounces off to play. She climbs up onto the bed and then onto the window ledge so she can survey the room. Her and yellow were the first to climb the scratching tower. She also learnt to climb jeans yesterday!

Week 6

Lilac is still very loving but is also so playful. She is very often too busy playing to eat so I have to keep reminding her where the food is. The first evening they were in the living room she was heard growling really loud. She had found one of uncle Toby’s feather sticks and was warning the others that it was hers! She was so pleased with herself. A gentleman came to view the kittens on Sunday, he had fallen for Lilac’s charms from the website and was rather taken with her in the flesh. She will become his long awaited pampered cat and is going to be called Cara as in Caramel.

Week 7

Cara has done very well this week. She has a renewed interest in food and is gaining weight lovely. She is a very cheeky girl, always the first to greet me and will cry until she gets some head rubs. She has loved the bit of freedom they have had the last few days… apparently running up and down the stairs demands a loo brush tail.

Week 8

Cara is a cheeky little madam. She always has to be the first to greet me, and how dare I stop fussing her to fuss one of the others. She will cry until she has all my attention! She did exactly the same to my friend who visited today so it’s not just me she loves, anybody will do! Apparently, hands are not made for typing or writing they are made for stroking Cara…

Week 9

Cara was a very brave girly at the vets as she was first to be examined. She did squeak a little when the vaccination went in but then happily played with her Mom’s tail in the carrier whilst the others got their jabs. There seems to be no ill effects of the vaccinations for Cara, she has been bouncing around today as normal.

Week 10

I have found Cara and button together a lot this week, I think the girls like to stick together. She had great fun playing with a new feather toy. There is a video on YouTube. She is very vocal for attention. You must fuss her first and for the longest!

Week 11

Cara has discovered a love for soft cheese, like her Mom. They all like it but Cara is very vocal about how much she likes it! She also likes to play in the bathroom, especially in the empty bathtub. Somehow the shower curtain got pulled down today. After investigating what the noise was, I found a guilty looking Cara making a swift exit from the bathroom!

Week 12

Cara has been a little darling this week. She is always very pleased to see you and she absolutely loves tummy rubs. She will snuggle into you then roll over showing you her tummy. If you don’t do it properly, her teeth will let you know. Be warned Nick, she is getting quite a madam!

Week 13

Cara has been refining her demanding female skills this week. She loves her tummy rubs and you absolutely must do it when she wants or she will let you know! She is a very determined little thing, especially when it comes to things like walking across the laptop or getting into the utility room!

Week 15

Cara was the first kitten to be booked and the last to go. Today was very hard when I had to say goodbye to my last baby. She made me quite proud though. She is such a lovely little character who loves everyone. She ran over to Nick and purred nicely. She then showed him some skills taught her by Uncle Toby, playing fetch! I’m sure she will be entertaining Nick with her whole repertoire of skills before too long! Not to mention wrapping him around her little paw xxx

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