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Lily’s First Litter – Pink

Sex: Female
Colour: Lilac
Date of birth: 7th June 2011
Time of birth: 1:31 am
Birth weight: 55 grams
Pedigree name: Lilyput Lindalino
Status: Living with new owner


We thought that Lily had stopped at 4 babies but she made a funny noise and out popped Pink. She was so tiny compared to the others. There was very little fur, just bright pink skin and bones. I wasn’t sure she was alive but she was! She was only 55g and, after advice from Hazel, we decided to weigh her twice a day for a while to monitor her growth.


Week 1

I was so worried about Pink all week. She was gaining weight every day, not as much as her siblings though. I tried topping her up but Lily didn’t like it and Pink was not to keen either. I topped up some of the others as well so that Pink would have a better chance at the milk bar. She is very feisty despite her size. She fights hard for her nipple and manages to crawl under the others if need be.

Week 2

She is proving to be quite a fighter. She managed to double her birth weight after 8 days, before the others. She still doesn’t like formula much though. Eyes finally start to open on day 10 with right eye but left eye took 2 more days to open. Very wriggly to hold, we had more trouble taking pictures of Pink than any of the others!

Week 3

I heard Pink purring this week. She is so sweet, she has the quietest little meow ever. It’s almost squeaky like a little mouse. She is now 4 times her birth weight which is fantastic although she cheated by being so low in the first place!

Week 4

Oh my, what a difference in this little one. She has found her feet and loves to play with the others. She can often be found snuggled with Mom but she also loves to be with her siblings. Her teeth are all there and getting sharper by the day. She had her first taste of food today and loved it. Her weight is going up nicely.

Week 5

She remains the quietest one but she is developing a lovely character. She is the one that Lily likes to bring me now. I think it’s because she is the easiest to carry! She is running around more and starting to climb as well. She can now get on top of the bed by herself and get down. She is eating and loves it! She is also using the litter tray.

Week 6

There is no stopping her now. She runs and bounces as well as the others. Her climbing has improved also and she loves climbing up the scratching posts downstairs. I will try and get a photo of it! She is very fond of food, especially chicken. She always goes back for seconds as well. I do think that, despite being small, she is the roundest of them all! She runs up to me acting like she wants a fuss but when you stroke her she goes into attack before bouncing off… I’m sure she’s smiling to herself!

Week 7

She seems to love Andy and can often be found curled up next to him in the evening. She likes to come and see what I’m doing in the daytime and often walks over the keyboard if I’m on my laptop. She still likes her food and has had very good weight gains this week. I tried them with some chicken wings this week cut up into individual bones. She loved it and ran off with her bone growling at everyone, even me! She stripped the bone of all its meat as well. Mmmm… chicken!

Week 8

Poor Pinky was left out on her own when all the others climbed the board to get into the kitchen. When I lowered her over she looked up at me for a few seconds and then skipped off to play with her siblings. She had a close encounter with Uncle Max this week. He was his usual grumpy self and hissed a bit, little Pink just sat there and looked at him. She was probably thinking he was a bit of a wuss!

Week 9

I made the decision this week that little Pink wasn’t going to be staying here. It was very hard but it’s the right decision for her. She is just too small at the moment even though she eats so much! I emailed the lady who has been waiting for me to make this decision, she was very pleased! She came to see Pink today and fell in love with her. It’s so lovely as she will go to live with another Tonkinese, a little girl called Mouse. She has a new name, Button, which is great as I think she was starting to think her name was Pinky!

Week 10

Button has reached 1kg! I am so pleased, she has done very well. I am not that surprised though as she does love to eat. She is perhaps a little on the round side! She has been very playful this week. I think she has finally caught up with the others in terms of ability. She has been sleeping on our bed at night time and often sleeps so that she is touching my hand, so cute.

Week 11

I think she has had a growth spurt this week as she doesn’t look as round as before. She doesn’t roll over when washing her bum or waddle when she run anymore. I think her face shape is changing as well so she is losing her little baby face. If I hear Button crying and call her name, she comes running to me purring. She often wakes when the others are asleep and seeks human company.

Week 12

Button is adorable. I cheekily asked Sam if they had changed their mind as I feel a little sad not to be keeping her. She is a very pretty girl and it would have been lovely to show her but the timing just isn’t right at the moment. I think she will be bigger next week than Lily was when Lily came to live here. She has done marvellously. I can’t quite believe this tiny little mouse has grown up to be such a gorgeous little girl.

Week 13

Well she is officially bigger than her Mom was when she was the same age. What a great girl! She has grown so much in the last couple of weeks. She is no longer chubby and looks like a normal size. I am pretty sure she is now answering to Button. I have dropped the ‘Pinky’ bit when I call her and she still comes to me. She is so lovely and cuddly, I am sure going to miss her. I get to spoil her for another 10 days though.

Week 15

I miss my pinky Button. She grew into such a delightful little thing. The first to answer her name really, she was a clever little girl. She has gone to live with Sam and another Tonk called Mouse. Sam has kept me updated with how she has settled in. She was keen to let Button settle first before introducing her to Mouse. I’m anxious to hear that they have become best friends and will soon be entertaining the house with their antics. Big hugs and kisses for my little girl. I miss you lots xxx

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