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Lily’s First Litter – Purple

Sex: Male
Colour: Lilac
Date of birth: 7th June 2011
Time of birth: 1:15 am
Birth weight: 111 grams
Pedigree name: Lilyput Pedro de Mendez
Status: Living with new owner


He was the 4th kitten to be born. His placenta landed on top of Lilac so Lily had to clean lilac again after finishing off the 4th placenta. (I’m sure this was the best thing about childbirth for Lily!!)


Week 1

His eyes began to open on day 7 and were fully open by day 8. He seems to be quieter than the others but is a real fighter at the milk bar.

Week 2

Gaining weight nicely and is catching up to Turquoise. He is still quieter than the others. I think he is going to be fairly laidback, well as laidback as a Tonkinese can be!

Week 3

He has such a sweet face. Think he is a lilac, so wish he was a girl!! He has found his feet, all be it fairly wobbly ones! Canine teeth are now showing as well.

Week 4

Purple is a quiet little trouble maker. Whilst the others are occupied elsewhere, he can be found chewing something he shouldn’t! He also loves to play fight with his siblings. He really likes attention and loves to be tickled on his belly.

Week 5

Purple loves food. He is one of the first to the food bowl and has overtaken Turquoise in weight, He is generally found with Turquoise and they currently like to sleep together on top of the scratching tower. He is very gorgeous.

Week 6

Well his love for food has now meant that he is now the fattest, I mean heaviest, kitten. I have also found him drinking out of the water fountain and eating the dry biscuits. He loves to stalk uncle Toby and play with his tail. He is usually the first to wake up after a nap and then proceeds to annoy the others until they are awake.

Week 7

He is a little fatty now and weighed it at 999g this week! Not bad for 7 weeks old I think. He was born to play, feather toys being a real favourite of his. He carries them around with him growling at anyone that dares to get in his way. Whilst he loves playing with his siblings, he does play lovely by himself. I would not worry about him going to a home by himself because of this.

Week 8

Second one to mischievously climb into the kitchen. He has also become determined to get into the utility room, I’m sure he watches me go in and sits outside the door waiting to ruin Max’s only sanctuary away from the kittens! Pink and Purple look so much alike that it’s easier to spot the difference if they are together. I can usually tell if it’s Purple but never 100% sure when I see Pink!

Week 9

He woke me up a couple of days ago by sitting on my neck and purring really loud! I had left the bedroom door open and so he thought he’d come and wake me up. I had a nice little cuddle before the others pounced on us! He had a big day today. He got to meet a lady and her daughter who want him to go and live with them. I think he showed them how lovely he is. He is perhaps the only one who is not quite himself today (after his vaccinations) so it was a bit of a shame. We think his new name will be Jupiter.

Week 10

Jupiter has being finding the toy in everything this week. He loves to play and had great fun with a new feather toy this week. He also likes his food, he will very often cry at me when he’s hungry. Well, he is the biggest of the five! I have found him curled up with Auntie Evie twice this week, she has obviously decided that they are not that scary!

Week 11

Jupiter is already bigger than Uncle Toby was when Toby came to live with us. He is growing into a really handsome boy. He loves to play and can jump quite high when playing with the feather toys. He seems to study it a bit more than the others before leaping up to grab it. He tried to curl up with Uncle Max today but Max is not a great fan of the kittens! Jupiter got hissed at but stayed where he was as if he were saying that it was his chair! Max got up and moved away!

Week 12

I think he is going to be a very big boy. I’m betting he’ll be 2kg by the time he leaves here. He has hunted me out this week for cuddles when all the others are asleep. I think he feels he misses out as the rest of them are very demanding of attention. I have had some lovely cuddles this week with lots of purring.

Week 13

He just missed being 2kg by 40g! He is still a very big boy for his age though. Jupiter has turned into a lovely cuddly boy who is full of purrs. He is often found cuddled up to Button. I think the lilacs are sticking together! He will be going to live with his new family just after Button, I have another 10 days of cuddles with him.

Week 15

Jupiter was just over 2.2kg when he left here on Monday. He had turned into a very cuddly purry boy over the last couple of weeks. I will miss our cuddles in the afternoon. Kate collected him on Monday and brought me some lovely flowers to help soften the blow of losing all my babies. I got a telephone call in the evening to let me know he had settled in okay. I have been promised some pictures of him as he settles in so I will look forward to those.

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