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Lily’s First Litter – Yellow

Sex: Male
Colour: Brown
Date of birth: 7th June 2011
Time of birth: 12:55 am
Birth weight: 119 grams
Pedigree name: Lilyput Gulliver
Status: Living with new owner


Yellow was born on the bed. Fortunately I managed to place a big towel down beforehand to save the bedding. He was the joint biggest born.


Week 1

Yellow had both eyes open by day 7. Gaining weight nicely but not as quickly as his brothers! Cries when handled for weight checks, but is not as loud as Turquoise.

Week 2

Yellow is becoming a real cutie. People always comment on him when they see pictures. He is still gaining weight nicely and doesn’t cry so much about it anymore. He is purring when feeding and content.

Week 3

He seems to recognise my voice and likes to stand and cry very loud until Lily goes to him. He still seems to be a favourite of people. His canine teeth are beginning to grow, getting sharper each day! He likes to chew things, like fingers!

Week 4

He has become very adventurous. He will climb up anything. He was the first to climb up the divan bed and onto the top of the bed. He remains very vocal and was especially funny when I introduced them to some food. He was the only one to make the nom nom nom noise and was quite funny. He purrs when stroked and loves attention.

Week 5

He still likes his food but isn’t making so many noises any more. Remains a very good climber, was interested in climbing up the tower first with Lilac in tow. He really loves attention still preferring head rubs to tummy rubs.

Week 6

Like the others, Yellow loves his freedom. He is particularly fond of feather toys and will growl and fight off the others for them. He stole the heart of the couple who visited on Saturday. They were looking for a bold cat to be a companion for a Bengal boy. Although they liked the look of Turquoise, Yellow was a winner with his determination to win toys! They also like his pedigree name of Gulliver so that is what he will be called.

Week 7

Gulliver is living up to his name, he’s certainly the little explorer. The naughty little thing woke me up at 4am this morning by squeaking in my ear. He had climbed out of their bedroom to let me know that they were hungry. After tucking into their early breakfast they all curled up to go to sleep. Great! He must have taught Purple what to do because at 8am both Gulliver and Purple are on the landing playing chase!

Week 8

Yet again Gulliver leads his siblings astray! He’s a very determined little thing who just had to be in the kitchen with me. Or was it more that there was another room he was being kept out of??? He has been so purry this week… Whilst his brown sister demands attention he just stares at me purring as if longing to be stroked…

Week 9

Gulliver has gained a lot of weight this week – almost 200g. Really pleased with him, he seems to need little encouragement at meal times now. I guess playing so hard requires lots of energy! I got some new toys from the cat show at the weekend and he loved them, not too keen to have to share though. He is a very purry and cuddly boy this week again, he is probably making sure that I will miss him lots when he goes to live with his new owners.

Week 10

Yet again Gulliver lives up to his name, this time it was the bath tub he explored. Unfortunately for him it was full at the time! He was all fluffy after being dried off… He has been very clingy the last couple of days, I think he missed me over the weekend.

Week 11

Gulliver, always living up to his name, had another first this week. He had to visit the vets due to him not being himself and feeling a little hot. He did not like the trip there very much and was a very purry boy when the vet looked at him. Apparently, it is very difficult to listen to heart and lungs when they are purring SO loud! He had an injection and some antibiotics and was back to normal after 24 hours. I think he just wanted some extra attention.

Week 12

He was not so sure he wanted to visit the vet again but ended up giving her some lovely purrs again. And he loved their treat of sardines when we returned. Gulliver is another vocal boy when he needs the toilet, not sure why they feel the need to tell you. He’s such a sweetheart and loves Uncle Toby. The brown kitties are often together now. Unlike Cara, Gulliver prefers head rubs!

Week 13

Hmmm… feeling like a stuck record now. Gulliver is quite the little traveller. This time it was up onto the kitchen work surface. He has found a way up there and has been teasing the others with his athleticism, they gather beneath him crying to get up. He will leave us tomorrow to go to his new family. He will have a Bengal to play with so I hope he’s friendlier than uncle Max!

Week 15

Well Gulliver is settling into his new home even though he was a little scared on the journey there. He is apparently very confident and loves to play. He can’t seem to understand why the big spotty cat is scared of him though! He was used to Bengal kitties being scaredy cats though after living with uncle Max!

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