Breeding happy and healthy cats

Lily’s First Litter

Lily had her first litter of beautiful kittens in the early hours on 7th June 2011.  The father was Suantre Maximus of Tallica (known as Max).  Lily has a Burmese Colour Restriction (or “solid”) pattern coat and Max has a Colourpointed Pattern (or “pointed”) pattern coat, all 5 of the kittens had Tonkinese Colour Restriction (or “tonkinese pattern” or “mink”) coats.

All the kittens are now living with their new families.

This litter was covered by a kitten diary that was updated every week.  Also, each kitten has their own page, with a brief description of their progress and pictures. Some pictures of them more grown up are shown in the kitten gallery.

On this site we refer to the kittens after the coloured band that they’re wearing for identification purposes:
Their actual coat colours are given on the individual pages.