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Kitten Gallery

Lily’s First Litter

Lily’s first litter was born in June 2011. The pictures below show them with their new families. Follow the links to their old ‘colour’ nicknames to see them as kittens.

Scamp (Turquoise, on the left) boxing with his friend Spyro.  Scamp is lucky enough to have several cats to play with in the household, including other Tonks.  I have received a few lovely updates about his adventures. Scamp at 9 months old, showing how his chocolate tonkinese pattern coat had darkened as he has grown up.
Cara (Lilac) in her new home.  Cara has a brown tonkinese pattern coat, but has slightly more pronounced points than her brother Gulliver (shown below).
Gulliver (Yellow) is growing up to look like his Uncle Toby. Gulliver with his Bengal friend Tyegen.
Jupiter (Purple) after he left Lilyput.  He has a lilac coloured tonkinese pattern coat, like his sister Button below. Jupiter with his new toys and playground.
Button (Pink, on the right) with her Tonkinese friend Mouse. Button and Mouse hiding.


Lily’s Second Litter

Lily’s second litter was born in May 2012.

Mole (Green) lives with her sister Coco (to the right).
Coco (Red).
Harry (Yellow) lives with Cherry and Rocky from the 2013 litters.
Yuma (Blue) moved to Holland to be a breeding queen and show cat there.
Sapphire (White).


Lily’s Third Litter and Pippa’s First Litter

Lily’s third litter and Pippa’s first litter were born in August 2013 and grew up together.

Gilbert (Turquoise) lives with his nephew Sullivan (Blue).
Gilbert and Sullivan
Sullivan surveys his domain.
Brothers Luther (Yellow) and Pelayo (Orange) live with their friend Mika.
Luther, Pelayo and Mika
Luther (Yellow).
Pelayo (Orange).
Mimi (Silver) taking part in a cat show.
Mr Henry (Orange) with his new friends.
Mr Henry and friends
Luna (White) with Marzia, one of her companions.